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The World's Largest TV Studio [raw footage tape 082]

Raw footage from The World's Largest TV Studio at the 1972 Democratic National Convention. TVTV interviews African-American delegates to the Democratic Convention on race, McGovern, and politics. "Heavy Black Marxist Rap"

This tape consists of approximately thirty-three minutes of raw footage from the TVTV shooting of The World’s Largest TV Studio (1972) at the 1972 Democratic National Convention.

The TVTV crew visits African American delegates to the 1972 Democratic National Convention in their convention hotel room. What follows is a candid conversation about race in politics and higher education, representation for African Americans and Latinos in the Democratic party, and navigating a discriminatory political landscape. We also see the TVTV crew driving around Miami Beach in the TVTV Media Van. TVTV labeled the original tape “Black Marxist rap on McGovern (Heavy!).”

__Unnamed delegate: __“I’d rather have a motherfucker that’s going to try to sweet talk me to death than someone who’s going to try to put his foot in my ass every day. And that’s essentially the difference [between Democrats and Republicans]. I mean I really think the cat [McGovern] is sincere. Kennedy was sincere! But he wasn’t sincere about overthrowing capitalism!”

Here is the original TVTV tape log prepared for editing The World’s Largest TV Studio :