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Gerald Ford’s America 001. 8/8 [1974] White House

Raw footage from Gerald Ford's America featuring TVTV at the White House on the day of Richard Nixon's resignation

This tape consists of approximately 25 minutes of raw footage from the TVTV shooting of Gerald Ford’s America (1975).

TVTV had initially planned to make a show about Richard Nixon’s impeachment, but the president resigned just as the collective was gearing up for production, less than a year after vice president Spiro Agnew’s resignation. The show turned into Gerald Ford’s America as TVTV followed the accidental president’s first 100 days in office. This tape is the very first from the shoot, as TVTV members arrive in Washington on the day Nixon announced his resignation. Elon Soltes and Skip Blumberg tape the scene in front of the White House, from protests to prayer singers to bemused onlookers.

Unidentified onlooker at the White House : “I think it’s better to have an honest dummy in the White House than a crook, don’t you?”

Below is the original TVTV tape log prepared for editing Gerald Ford's America.

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