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Four More Years [raw footage tape 081]

Raw footage from Four More Years at the 1972 Republican National Convention including an interview with CBS's Bill Leonard and coverage of an anti Vietnam War protest with a violent police response including tear gas

This tape consists of approximately twenty minutes of raw footage from the TVTV shooting of Four More Years (1972) at the 1972 Republican National Convention.

The TVTV interviews Bill Leonard of CBS, who in 1981 promoted Dan Rather (also a correspondent at the 1972 conventions and interviewed by TVTV) to replace Walter Cronkite (also interviewed by TVTV at the conventions) as anchor of The CBS Evening News). Bill Leonard was also the stepfather of Fox News personality Chris Wallace, who (at least according to his Wikipedia entry) credits the television coverage of the 1972 National Conventions as inspiring his move into television journalism. The crew then follows Leonard's security guard out of the CBS trailer and interviews him about the networks' security at the conventions and the media's tactics overall.

Immediately following the interviews, the TVTV crew moved to the area surrounding the convention hall and covered the Miami police response to an anti-war protest taking place. This included copious amounts of tear gas, and we see injured protestors in addition to Republican delegates being ushered into a building ahead of the tear gas. At least one person was badly injured at the protest when a taxi driver rammed into the crowd. TVTV documented the taxi driver then getting police protection from angry protestors behind their line.

Here is the original TVTV tape log prepared for editing Four More Years: