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Four More Years [raw footage tape 038]

Raw footage from Four More Years featuring an interview with Ron Kovic at Flamingo Park and a protest led by the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) at the 1972 Republican National Convention

This tape consists of approximately 33 minutes of raw footage from the TVTV shooting of Four More Years (1972) during the 1972 Republican National Convention.

The TVTV crew visits the encampment that had been set up in Flamingo Park, near the Miami Convention Center where the Republican National Convention would start the following day. The tape begins with TVTV interviewing Ron Kovic, whose autobiography was adapted into the 1989 film Born on the Fourth of July. Kovic was part of the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War, which brought veterans from around the country to protest the Vietnam War at the center of Republican power.

TVTV: “What are the medals for?”

Kovic (pointing to each Marine Corps medal): “Racism, sexism, imperialism, massacre, murder of the Indo-Chinese people, the starvation of the Vietnamese people.”

Here is the original TVTV tape log prepared for editing Four More Years :

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