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Four More Years

79 camera original tapes from TVTV's production of Four More Years at the 1972 Republican National Convention

Four More Years (1972) is one of TVTV’s iconic early works and a brash expression of guerrilla television in action. TVTV gained access to the Republican National Convention with press credentials and portable video equipment, and set out to make a documentary on the spectacle that was clear in its point of view, unapologetic of its roots in the counterculture, and unprecedented in its degree of access to politicians, celebrities, and media insiders.

These seventy-nine tapes were transferred from camera original half-inch open reel videotape in 2019 through a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. A small handful of tapes have been excluded from display due to privacy and other concerns. We have included some descriptions of tape contents written at the time of shooting along with notes compiled by BAMPFA’s Project Assistants during our digitization project.

[Contents:] Preconvention: George Smith -- NBC booth -- Girl scouts / boy scouts -- NBC tour -- Girl scouts -- Boy scouts. Pre-convention setup and rehearsals for parade of flags; tour of NBC trailer complex, including control room.

[Contents:] Karl Rove -- College republicans rap on Republican pyrotechnics -- Demonstration scene outside Eden Roc [hotel] -- Party for Bob Dole -- Dick Reeves -- NY Mag. Interviews with Young Republicans, including Karl Rove at 00:00:20. GOP reception [for Bob Dole?] with ice cake; interview with Dick Reeves at 00:25:45.

[Contents:] Young black sings -- Flag bearers -- Steve Rudee -- Silkscreen / water -- Old peeple [sic] -- Yippies -- Woman / disgusting -- ABC unit Pre-convention flagbearer practice and interviews in convention hall. Discussions between young activists (camping out in Flamingo Park) and older Miami residents starting around 00:17:35. Colorful interview with woman who hates the protestors starting 00:28:28.

[Contents:] After [convention?]: Young voters welcoming various delegations Airport. Interviews with and about young voters.

[Contents:] ANARCHY -- Guerrilla theatre Nighttime clash Friday 8/18/72 between various groups ("Jesus freaks" vs. others) in Flamingo Park; open-air music and theater jams.

[Contents:] Meeting the mayor of Lanesville at airport Skip Blumberg arrives at Miami airport. 00:06:00 starts interviews with attendees in unidentified location (hotel lobby?).

[Contents:] Ed Faught in charge of remote logistics / air control -- Van Kardison -- George Murray Saturday 8/19/72. Interview with Ed Fought from NBC air control; footage from within NBC control rooms; interview with George Murray, NBC executive producer (starts 00:21:00).

[Contents:] Michael Shamberg at TVTV house -- Nelson Rockefeller Saturday 8/19/72. TVTV process meeting through 00:13:05. Nelson Rockefeller speech to delegate breakfast.

[Contents:] First tape of Illinois gala event [at Playboy Club] Saturday 8/19/72. Playboy Club party for Illinois delegates. Generally roving glimpses of attendees (e.g. Jimmy Stewart briefly appears at 00:32:10).

[Contents:] Young Republican dancers / crazy interactions w/ photographers, etc. -- Lady w/ rap on Vietcong flag -- Carl Reuve [?] -- Reporter from Hearst Saturday 8/19/72. Playboy Club party for Illinois delegates. Interviews with Playboy bunnies 00:00:40; interviews with partygoers through rest of tape.

[Contents:] (Fontainbleu events) Press conference in rules -- Iowa governor Robert Ray -- Howard Gillette interview -- Young republicans Sunday 8/20/72. Press conference at Fontainebleau; Iowa Governor Robert Ray discussing rule change regarding allocation of delegates. 00:12:40 Howard Gillette, Ripon Society President, explains the rules fight. 00:19:20 Nixon supporters outside the Fontainebleau; crowd shots, interviews.

[Contents:] Religious services Sunday 8/20/72. Footage of crowd before, during, and after church service. Stationary camera in most of last half of tape doesn't match audio. 00:30:10 astronaut Frank Borman chats with crowd and signs autographs.

[Contents:] Secret Service -- Party for volunteers -- Setting up / Republican bigwigs -- Beauty queen -- Singers Sunday 8/20/72. Fontainebleau Volunteers for Nixon party setup. Singers singing "Nixon Now" campaign jingles; interviews with Young Republicans, Jesus people, Nixonettes; party setup directed by an unidentified woman. See also 16154.

[Contents:] Young voters party -- Waiting for Pat, Julie, and Trish [Nixon] -- Beauty queen / sorority house mother -- The First Family Sunday 8/20/72. Fontainebleau Volunteers for Nixon party (same as 16153, but during the event rather than before). Pat Nixon onscreen starting 00:12:45; delivers speech, signs autographs.

[Contents:] Tricia, Julie, Eddie [Nixon], and others at WP reception Sunday 8/20/72. Julie and Tricia Nixon onscreen starting 00:00:30; Tricia interview 00:02:10, Julie interview 00:05:45, Edward Cox (Tricia's husband) interview 00:11:05. Pepsi girls.

[Contents:] Senior citizen reception -- Music / dancing -- Julie Nixon -- Ed Nixon speaks -- Group sing "God Bless America" Sunday 8/20/72. Senior Citizens Reception at the Eden Roc. Julie Nixon speech 00:07:00.

[Contents:] Reception for Van Rensalaer at the Eden Roc [hotel] Sunday 8/20/72. Reception for Van Rensselaer in his hotel room at Eden Roc. Interview starts 00:04:30.

[Contents:] Great wheelchair speech by hero of demonstration -- Vets talk about media (almost) Nazis and beginning of demonstration Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Flamingo Park. Begins with extended interview with veteran Ron Kovic.

[Contents:] Talk with John Chancellor at his desk (NBC) Monday 8/21/72. NBC anchor booth interview with John Chancellor.

[Contents:] Rules committee -- Boats on pier (Monday 8/21/72?) Rules Committee proceedings.

[Contents:] March on National Guard -- Shots of windows to space -- Speech by vet hero (wheelchair) -- Railroad [?] with VVAW committee -- Hippy [sic] ritual Monday 8/21/72. Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstration. Interviews with vets and counterprotestors.

[Contents:] Rules committee -- Set of stuff on Ripon president Howard Gillette (in case of floor fight) -- Monday 8/21/72. Rules Committee proceedings.

[Contents:] Rules committee -- Cutaways -- Following Ripon Society dudes [at Eden Roc hotel] (Monday 8/21/72?) Rules Committee proceedings.

[Contents:] Patrick [?] Utley -- Tom Pettit -- Chad Everett -- Color guard -- Doug Kiker -- Ray Block and the band rehearse Monday 8/21/72. Interviews with CBS reporters and staff, including: Jim Byrne, Doug Kiker (00:10:10). Live band performances.

[Contents:] Convention hall / young voters Monday 8/21/72. Interviews with conventiongoers on convention floor.

[Contents:] Girl scouts flag bearers -- Color guard ceremony -- John Hart -- Secret Service -- First Family -- [Ronald] Reagan Monday 8/21/72. Convention floor: Ronald Reagan at 00:22:33; interview at 00:29:30. Nixon family (with Secret Service) at 00:25:50.

[Contents:] On the bus with the Oklahoma delegation Monday 8/21/72. Convention floor. First family seen at 00:07:56.

[Contents:] Chancellor and Brinkley -- Cassie Mackin -- Tom Pettit Tuesday 8/22/72. NBC media booth. More media interviews: with Cassie Mackin 00:16:29, Tom Pettit 00:18:49.

[Contents:] Fonda, running -- Fire freaking -- Fire raps with Irving Wallace -- Hughes Rudd (CBS) Street demonstrations night of Monday 8/21/72. Jane Fonda audio at 00:00:37. Interview with "Pepsi Girl" at 00:17:12; Irving Wallace 00:21:12; Hughes Rudd 00:30:00 (on guerilla TV - continues in 16178).

[Contents:] Meeting of Vietnam Veterans Against the War at Flamingo Park -- Morning of Fontainbleu demonstration -- Raps on proposals, action, and motives Vietnam Veterans Against the War meeting.

[Contents:] Hughes Rudd (CBS) -- Mr. Peanut -- Women of Distinction Monday 8/21/72. Continue Hughes Rudd interview on guerilla TV from 16174; luncheon (for women?), featuring Mr. Peanut mascot (interviewed at 00:10:53) and Nixonettes.

[Contents:] Oklahoma delegates discussing youth Oklahoma delegates at the Sovereign Hotel pool.

[Contents:] Seadeck Hotel -- Rap with two young voters, Carolyn and Betsy, in a hotel room Monday 8/21/72. Long interview with two Young Republicans (Carolyn and Betsy from Atlanta, Georgia) at the SeaDeck Motel.

[Contents:] Women of Achievement -- Drunks on boat / "Miss Hollywood" -- Interview with G.O.P. ethnic Pole -- Eden Roc pool Wednesday 8/23/72 (? Tape container says both Wed. and Tues.) Interviews with rich Republicans on boat and by pool. Interview with Governor Russell Peterson of Delaware starts 00:05:00.

[Contents:] McClosky -- News conference in [Fontainbleu] lobby with staff and reporters Tuesday 8/22/72, 11 am. Pete McCloskey news conference at the Fontainebleau. Interview with gaggle of reporters starts around 00:13:20, including one-on-ones with TVTV; following McCloskey to hotel room (continued in 16185).

[Contents:] Bus on the way to meet Nixon -- Young voters / airport Tuesday 8/22/72, afternoon. Bus of Young Republicans on their way to meet Nixon. 00:13:45 TVTV kicked off bus by Secret Service. Protests. Section at end taped off TV.

[Contents:] [Daniel] Ellsberg press conference -- Abbie Hoffman and I. Wallace press conference -- Ellsberg / Mailer (poor sound) Tuesday 8/22/72. McCloskey speech at Fontainebleau. Daniel Ellsberg interview 00:14:21. Irving Wallace, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin also make appearances, none substantial. Section at end taped off TV.

[Contents:] [President Richard] Nixon arrival at airport -- Media rap young voters -- Street of shame demonstration Tuesday 8/22/72, afternoon. Demonstrations in streets: Blacks for Nixon; interview with Dr. Thomas Matthew, president of the National Economic Growth and Reconstruction Organization (NEGRO); Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Return to convention floor: interviews with convention attendees; brief Ronald Reagan sighting 00:22:45; Henry Kissinger signs autographs 00:25:10; Nixon family 00:29:09.

[Contents:] With VVAW at Fountainbleu [Hotel] -- Rap with 5 Republican ladies, other such stuff Convention floor on Monday night 8/21/72. Veterans demonstration, Tuesday afternoon 8/22/72. Arguments starting 00:24:35 about racism and classism turns into comparison of Americans in Vietnam and Nazis.

[Contents:] Shot of [convention] floor -- Illinois -- Interview with Ripon president -- Ride with [Pete] McCloskey to airport -- Good bye Tuesday 8/22/72. Illinois delegation on convention floor. Interview with Pete McCloskey in car riding to airport.

[Contents:] Tuesday afternoon, Hud [Hudson Marquez] interviews citizen, Fontainebleau. Graphic Aids. Ron Kovic, wheelchair vet, on convention floor, early evening. Tuesday 8/22/72. Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstration at Fontainebleau. Variety of interviews and street footage. "Graphic aids" section at end: collage of Nixon with voiceover by TVTV.

[Contents:] Oklahoma lunch #2 Wednesday 8/23/72. Oklahoma delegates' lunch. Oklahoma Senate candidate/governor Dewey Bartlett interview overheard at 00:29:32.

[Contents:] Interview with Senator [Bill] Brock, who invented the Young Voters -- More young voters Wednesday 8/23/72. Tent at Nautilus High School. 00:06:20 interview with Tennessee Senator Bill Brock. McGovern party.

[Contents:] [No contents listed; "Camera" personnel notes] Wendy [Apple] Wednesday 8/23/72. Interviews with Young Republicans on bus to see Nixon. McGovern party.

[Contents:] Boy scouts in lobby -- Gassed women -- Fascists for Nixon -- [Spiro] Agnew floor action -- Sinatra nose picking -- Balloting vets on floor Variety of interviews with conventiongoers: Young Voters for the President, Vet for Nixon.

[Contents:] Charlotte Curtis and Fred Rheinstein poolside Thursday 8/24/72. 00:01:07 interview with Charlotte Curtis (New York Times). 00:22:10 sit-down with Fred Rheinstein (NBC, Convention Producer).

[Contents:] Okie lunch (#1) Wednesday 8/23/72. Oklahoma delegation brunch.

[Contents:] Bill Leonard / CBS -- GAS outside -- Good authority stuff -- Delegates and girl scouts running Wednesday 8/23/72. 00:00:50 interview with Bill Leonard (CBS). Second half of tape is street scenes, including age_thumbs/e and gas.

[Contents:] Women of Achievement breakfast -- Mr. Peanut -- Poolside rap at Eden Roc -- [Henry] Kissinger Tuesday 8/22/72. Lengthy interview with used car salesman. Private party; attendees include George Romney, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan. Brief interview with Kissinger starts 00:15:40.

[Contents:] South Carolina [delegate?] recounts horror of demonstration -- Choir director -- Illinois [delegation?] Convention floor evening of Wednesday 8/23/72. Interviews with delegates. Henry Kissinger appears.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] demonstration Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstration at Fontainebleau. Pete McCloskey speaks with vets.

[Contents:] [Spiro] Agnew / [President Richard] Nixon speech Agnew/Nixon convention speech.

[Contents:] Group shot [of TVTV members?] by pool Friday 8/25/72. TVTV signs off one by one. Exteriors of hotels named for presidents; dismantled convention floor. Shot logs incorrect (tape not blank).

[Contents:] Handshaking after Nixon [speech?] -- [Spiro] Agnew -- [Michael Shamberg] signoff Wednesday 8/23/72. Convention floor; handshakes from Spiro Agnew. 00:17:40 TVTV signs off.

[Contents:] [formerly tape 17B] Party for older Miami residents at Flamingo Park. Allen Ginsberg on camera at 00:11:15 and more extensively at 00:14:10. Ed Sanders performs song at 00:18:10.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.

[Contents:] VVAW [Vietnam Veterans Against the War] Vietnam Veterans Against the War traveling to Miami. Total series=16210-16215, with their arrival in Miami captured in 16156.